The objectives of the Foundation are:

  1. to support the development of the region through activities aimed at commemorating the historical heritage of the region, developing culture and shaping the civic awareness of its inhabitants;
  2. to support processes contributing to Polish-German reconciliation by fostering the spirit of tolerance, mutual understanding and respect, as well as cooperation between the two societies in the field of historical heritage, with particular emphasis on the memory of the former POW camp Stalag VIIIA;
  3. promotion and propagation of the idea of the European community that serves reconciliation, development and regional stability, taking into account regional and national differences;
  4. to support the development and activities of the European Centre for Memory, Education, Culture and the borderland.

The objectives of the Foundation shall be achieved through, among other things:

  1. initiating and supporting mutual cooperation of local governments in order to implement the objectives of the Foundation listed in § 5 above;
  2. disseminating information on local initiatives of local self-governments and citizens concerning the scope of activities listed in § 5 above;
  3. intensive cooperation with institutions and decision-making organisations for the development of the region in terms of projects supporting the development of the European Centre for Remembrance, Education and Culture (hereinafter referred to as the Centre);
  4. transfer and adaptation of experience and good practices developed by institutions in the European Union and beyond that pursue objectives similar to those of the Foundation, toward the needs of the Foundation;
  5. cooperation with domestic and foreign organisations, institutions and private individuals in order to contribute to the development of the Center, preserving the memory and historical heritage of the former POW camp Stalag VIIIA;
  6. promoting the activities of the Centre and disseminating promotional materials concerning the Centre, the region and activities for international cooperation in the field of regional heritage;
  7. conducting research, analysis and expertise in the field of archival materials concerning Stalag VIIIA;
  8. creating and implementing cross-border concepts and projects for the commemoration of Stalag VIIIA from a transnational perspective, as a special place of remembrance in view of the historical consciousness the Polish-German-Czech borderland communities.

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